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Kyle Turner

Exhibition date: April 2012

“My name is Kyle Turner and I have always loved art, I’ve been drawing ever since I could first  hold a pencil. I was fortunate in that my grandfather was an artist. He was very influential and a huge inspiration to me as a young child; he was the first to teach me the fundamentals of drawing and painting, he opened my mind and encouraged me to be creative in every way and I will always be grateful to him. i also would like to thank my mother, family and friends for their support and encouraging me to follow my dreams! Thank you. I feel blessed to have had this gift from such a young age, I didn’t take it really serious until grade 6 when I was very much inspired by the Disney movies, for example, Snow white and the seven dwarfs. It has been a dream of mine to work for Disney ever since I was 4 years of age .I think it would be fair to say that art has saved me; it’s a  gift I love to share with others. When I draw and paint, I feel somehow removed from this world and I seem to have access to a much more expansive realm of creativity. My goal is to inspire children to follow their dreams and to keep them fully aware that their creative ideas can and must be allowed to flourish. To my mind there is no limit to what can be creatively achieved. Love can change the world and art, at least for me, is the most expressive form of communication. It is my passion. I paint in many mediums oil, acrylic and watercolour paint. I experiment with all different types of mediums o keep ideas fresh and to keep an open mind. The most beautiful and powerful pieces come from a quiet mind.”