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Did you know that approximately 90% of the population has astigmatism? The most common and easy to treat types are low astigmatism and “with the rule” astigmatism. People with the above kinds of astigmatism can generally go to most optical stores, purchase glasses in their prescription, and be able to see out of them. Of course, if they come to us their glasses will be better.

We specialize in making glasses for high and complex astigmatism:


A small percentage of the population has high astigmatism, and/or the complex “against the rule” or “oblique axis” type. Most optical stores have a difficult time treating these kinds of astigmatism because they require extra special attention from start to finish. We specialize in making eyeglasses to treat these complicated prescriptions. They require superior lenses, attention to detail, and a specialized lens cutting process.

  1. Lenses
    We use highly technological, digitally ground lenses for this kind of astigmatism correction. The procedure used to make them greatly reduces distortion, which makes for clearer vision.
  2. Attention to detail
    Professional lens and frame consultation are important to the success of  your eyeglasses for astigmatism. We also check your visual acuity upon pick-up.
  3. Special lens cutting process
    Our expert lab technicians specialize in manufacturing lenses with astigmatism correction into a pair of functional eyeglasses. Lenses that correct astigmatism fool the machines into cutting them wrong because of the way that they displace light. We avoid this mistake by measuring and placing the lenses by hand. We pay attention and double check to make sure that your lenses are placed into your frames at the correct axis. Have you ever had to have your glasses for astigmatism made multiple times before they got it right? This is because only experienced lab technicians who follow the above procedures are guaranteed to produce these kinds of eyeglasses correctly.

It is important that we follow the above procedure when making glasses with astigmatism correction in single vision. It is even more important when dealing with astigmatism correction in combination with prism, or in progressive lenses, because these complicated prescriptions do not allow for a margin of error. Astigmatism correcting lenses can be produced in plastic or glass, with optional colour changing technology, polarization, and sunglass tint.

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