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Presbyopia, the great equalizer:
Even if you have never needed glasses in your life, everyone with healthy eyes eventually goes through the presbyopic change, which causes the need for extra reading or bifocal power. The good news is, this is a sign of healthy eyes! The best way to fulfill the need for extra reading power is through a pair of progressive eyeglass lenses. This way, you can see into the distance through the top of your lenses, read out of the bottom, and there is no line or half-moon shape to give you away! Also, you will not have to worry about carrying your readers around, taking them on and off, or looking over top of them.

All progressive lenses are not made equal:
When you see someone wearing progressive lenses (no line bifocals) the glasses generally all look the same. What most people don’t know, however, is that there are over 400 different progressive lens designs on the market in varying materials and quality.

We only use the best:
We use five main lens companies who make the majority of the progressive lenses on the market: Carl Zeiss, Rodenstock, Essilor (Varilux), Shamir and Nikon. Each manufacturer has a unique way of engineering their lenses and all of them make excellent product. We use only the best lenses from these manufacturers, and choose them based on your specific prescription and lifestyle needs. We are able to do this because we have studied the way that each lens is engineered.

A brief history of progressive lenses:
Progressive lenses came onto the market in 1959. They were by no means successful, but a starting point for the concept. As technology advanced through the 1980s, new and more advanced progressive lens designs made it easier for people to adapt. The technology kept advancing more through the 1990s, with major advances being made around 2006. Today, thanks to the most recent technological gains, we can successfully fit almost anyone from age 40 to 90+ with progressive lenses.

generic-progressive lenses

Typical vision through generic progressive lenses

advanced-progressive lenses

Typical vision through properly fit, advanced Rodenstock progressive lenses

Consultation is key:
Proper application of advanced technology ensures the best results. The adaptation time of today’s lens technology combined with our expertise is nearly instantaneous. The key to our success is understanding the engineering of the different lens designs, what technology has been applied, and which ones are most compatible with your prescription and lifestyle needs. Knowing the different designs allows us help you make informed decisions regarding your lenses.

In the optical industry, the main lens manufacturers are very proud of their achievements in creating the finest and most advanced eyeglass lenses in the world. These lenses are created with high precision accuracy and finely calibrated equipment. The manufacturers laser their identification onto their lenses so we can identify them. The industry is also flooded with many clones, impostors, knockoffs and generics designed to keep prices down and profits up. There is a big difference between the vision achieved through advanced manufacturers vs. generics, even when the exact same prescription is used.

Our claim to fame:
This is why people come to us from all over North America –to purchase the most advanced lenses in the world from professionals with the knowledge and expertise to make the best of the technology at hand. We only use the best, and we can always guarantee the authenticity of our lenses.

Advanced lens technology is best applied after a thorough and professional consultation. To learn more about getting the best lenses for your needs, please call or visit us.