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ULTRA Contact Lenses by Bausch + Lomb

ULTRA contact lenses by Bausch + Lomb –our patients are loving them! They are super comfortable and they come in a wide range of prescriptions including spherical, multifocal and toric lens designs. Are you far sighted (hyperopic) or near sighted (myopic)? Do you have astigmatism? Do you wear progressives or bifocal lenses? Are you presbyopic? ULTRA offers designs to fit many vision needs.

The ULTRA lens is designed for patients who spend long hours on digital devices — isn’t that just about all of us these days?! If you find your vision going blurry while browsing Instagram, or your eyes start to feel sticky while looking at your computer screen, maybe it’s time for a change.

Nine out of ten patients agree: ULTRA is as comfortable at the end of the day as it is at the beginning, even after many hours in front of a screen. This all day comfort is made possible with MoistureSeal technology. PLUS, these lenses have great oxygen transmissibility, a fancy way of saying they let your eyes breathe!

Are you happy with the way your current contacts feel at the end of the day? Even if you find them tolerable, could there be something better out there? Save yourself the FOMO and find out for yourself!

There are currently some great incentives from Bausch + Lomb when you purchase the these contact lenses, so remember to ask us about current rebates and bonuses. We save you the hassle by sending in your rebate paperwork for you. Just sit back and wait for your reward!

Are you interested in trying this new lens? Call us or come in for a consultation with one of our Licensed Opticians.

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Are you a contact lens geek like us? Read about the science of ULTRA lenses and the independent studies at and on the Bausch + Lomb website.