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Dailies Total 1 water gradient contact lenses represent the latest in daily disposable contact lens technology and comfort! Patients report that wearing Dailies Total 1 “feels like nothing”!

Made from advanced silicone hydrogel, these daily disposable lenses offer excellent oxygen transmissibility –a fancy way of saying they are much healthier for your eyes! We have found that many of our patients who thought they were contact lens intolerant are able to wear Total 1’s comfortably.

Daily lenses are an excellent choice if you plan on wearing your contacts once in a while, and want to avoid the hassle of remembering how long you’ve had your monthly lenses for. These lenses are a better choice even for everyday wear because they are more hygienic than monthly lenses. When you only wear your contacts once, there is a lower chance of bacterial and deposits building up on them and affecting your eye health.

dailies total 1 windsor on Do you wear bifocal or progressive eyeglasses? Are you looking for comfortable multifocal contact lenses for presbyopia? You’re in luck! We now offer Dailies Total 1 in a multifocal design. This design is available with low, medium, and high add powers, which allows us to better customize your vision through your contacts.

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Do you want exceptional comfort that lasts until the end of the day?

Do you want highly breathable daily disposable contact lenses for white, healthy-looking eyes?

If so, we think you’ll love Dailies Total 1!

Are you curious to experience the comfort of new Dailies Total 1? Call us today to book your personal contact lens fitting with one of our Licensed Opticians at Visions of Canada in Windsor, Ontario.

Ask us about rebates when you stock up! We can save you the hassle of paperwork by sending in your rebate for you. Just sit back and wait for your reward to arrive!