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Computer glasses influence office ergonomics:

Many of us with office jobs make sure that our environment is ergonomically optimized to reduce the strain of the work day on our bodies. We buy supportive chairs, use ergonomic keyboards, comfortable shoes, etc., but what do we do to reduce eye and neck strain?

If you wear everyday progressive lenses, you may find that they are not suitable for long periods of computer work. Are you finding yourself having to lift your head up or tilt it back to work on your computer? Do you look over your glasses to look past your computer? We can help you. Our computer glasses can eliminate strain on your neck and eyes, thus restoring proper office ergonomics and efficiency.


The right office glasses can help maintain a comfortable posture at your desk.

Shortcomings of most pre-designed lenses:
Many lens companies have caught onto the popularity of computer eyeglasses, and they have developed pre-designed computer lens formulas. In this case, the opticians send your prescription in, and the lens company applies a standardized formula to make lenses for computer use. This generalized approach does not suit our clientele, and therefore we have turned to a more customized system for better computer eyeglasses.

The benefits of custom computer lenses:
We use your doctor’s prescription and check exactly what focal lengths you require for your office experience, then we test them with focal length demonstrator lenses before we choose your lens design. We have much more success using our system of creating custom computer eyeglasses. This is because there are so many variables that need to be considered when choosing the right formula for you. We have turned to Rodenstock for all of our computer eyeglasses because they use a highly researched, customized approach to computer glasses.

The Rodenstock MyView ERGO lens family: 
Rodenstock has created three ergonomically optimized MyView ERGO lens designs for computer and office use. These designs are further customized to your exact prescription and bifocal needs. This means that even when two people choose the same Rodenstock MyView ERGO lens design, the custom formulas applied to their lenses will vary based on their starting prescription. The best design for you is determined during your consultation.

MyView ERGO Design Functional Purpose Focal Zone
BOOK Arm’s length work zone for very near computer work and frequent reading without looking out into the room. Ideal for cubicle work.The BOOK design gives that full time reader or knitter a very large reading area with medium sized intermediate and room distance zones. In this case, the near power is optimized for 15″, and the intermediate power is calculated based upon your prescription, not by a pre-set 15″-30″
PC Used for desk and computer work in the extended near area. For a patient who uses the computer for most of the workday, the PC design has a very large intermediate zone, with a medium sized reading zone and also a medium sized “room distance” zone. Furthermore, the intermediate zone power is calculated to your individual prescription to give you an intermediate focal length of between 31″ and 35″.computer-glasses-rodenstock 17″ – 48″
ROOM Main use anywhere indoors with frequently changing activities at different distances in the room.The ROOM design is excellent for someone who works at a computer and also needs to be mobile. The room distance area is very large, as is the computer zone. The near zone is smaller, but still much larger than in a regular progressive 20″- 78″+

BONUS: All Rodenstock lenses come with excellent anti-glare, scratch resistant coatings.

Reading area optimization:
A common issue that people face with any kind of progressive lenses (whether they are everyday or computer glasses) is a narrow reading area. Rodenstock’s Ergo lenses are digitally ground using free form technology, which creates a wide field of view.

In conclusion:
Many of our clients treat themselves to custom created computer glasses, and find them very useful. They can see the computer better, read with ease, and are more efficient at their work, which makes for more productive days and more leisure time!

Just looking at a computer screen can be tiring. Don’t let the wrong design of lenses create even more eye strain. Please call or visit us to get started on your custom computer eyeglasses!