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Clear driving vision is very important.

While driving, we make 95% of our decisions based on visual information. The ability to process visual info effectively and react quickly is critical to safe driving. As we enter our 40s and beyond, we realize that our night driving vision just isn’t the same as it was in our 20s. In this part of life, it is more important than ever to wear eyeglasses designed for driving, especially at night.

The Problem:

Part 1: Once we enter our 40s and beyond, the add power that we require in our progressive lenses gets stronger and stronger, leveling out as we get into our 70s. As this power increases, it is likely to bleed into the distance area of our lenses, affecting our distance vision and distorting our peripheral vision. This can cause major issues while driving. This complication is considerably worse in low-tech, outdated lens designs which are still being used by many optical stores today.

Part 2: Using an inadequate anti-glare coating, or not using one at all can seriously affect your night driving vision. We only offer the best anti-glare lens coatings and we can help you choose the best one to meet your night driving needs.

The Solution:

Even though many people try to make it work, one pair of eyeglasses is often not enough for completely enjoying the ‘bifocal’ stage of life safely. We have designed a system to create task specific eyeglasses for driving using superior quality, high tech lenses with digital grinding, the appropriate amount of reading power, and excellent anti-glare coatings. This combination can improve your driving vision dramatically, and keep you safe on the road.


A high quality Crizal anti-glare coating can help improve your night driving vision

The best part about glasses that give you great driving vision is that they can be used for many other activities where improved distance vision and decreased distortion are important for your enjoyment and safety. For example: walking, tennis, golf, hiking, biking and more! Be sure to let us know the other activities you’d like to use your driving glasses for.

The choice is yours:
Do you want to trust your life and the lives of those with you to low tech lenses which are ill fitted for driving, or do you want to be safe and comfortable on the road with great driving vision?

Please call or visit us to see how we can get you great Vision for Driving.