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Professional Fisherman Bob “Jigger” Mann
wears Vision For Fishing eyeglasses

Eyeglasses for Fishing and Boating

“My professional fishing career has improved dramatically since I started wearing high quality prescription polarized sunglasses from Visions of Canada. I definitely have an edge on my competitors, because I’m free to focus on the task at hand — and it doesn’t hurt that I can see the fish right in the water!”
-Bob “Jigger” Mann

There are two critical elements to a great day of boating/fishing: safety and enjoyment. Wearing the proper eyeglasses can ensure that both of these elements are met. As an outdoorsman, you have probably experienced the importance and benefits of prescription polarized sunglasses on the water, and you likely find them comfortable for daytime driving. We recognize the importance of quality polarized sunglasses to your safety and enjoyment on the water, and have taken this concept to a whole new level!

We have developed Vision for Fishing sunglasses to combine several critical factors for enjoyment and safety:

1. High Definition Vision

2. Fisherman’s Grade Polarization

3. Ultra-thin Materials

4. 360 Degree UV Protection Coating *NEW*

5. Water Resistant Crizal Coating *NEW*

High Definition Vision:

Our Vision for Fishing sunglasses come standard with digital grinding, high definition vision, 100% UV protection, plus Crizal anti-reflection and scratch resistant coatings on the front and back. The correct focal lengths give you superior distance vision, and make sure that you have excellent ground vision so that you don’t accidentally step into the water.

Some people wear corrective eyeglasses for driving and other tasks, and then throw on regular non prescription sunglasses for boating and fishing. When this happens, you lose your edge. Not only is your vision affected, but your brain is working harder to accommodate for the lack of visual correction.

Hear what Professional Fisherman Bob “Jigger” Mann has to say about his eyeglasses for fishing from Visions of Canada:

Fisherman’s Grade Polarization:

We use high quality polarized sunglass lenses in the Essilor Varilux 360 design to cut out reflected glare in addition to filtering 100% of front-side UV rays. We also offer the option of the new Essilor Vantage technology which combines sun activated polarization with Transitions technology. These lenses are clear and non polarized inside, and turn dark and polarized outside.

Fishermen like Bob Mann tell us that polarized prescription sunglasses for fishing help them see right into the water, spotting different depths and even fish, which gives them an edge. These lenses all greatly reduce eye fatigue and strain from reflected light and the intense sun. This frees up your brain to focus on the greatest part of the fishing experience: relaxation.

Ultra-thin materials:

All of our non prescription and prescription fishing sunglasses are available in a range of material indexes, including ultra-thin materials. This is an important factor in the lightness, comfortability and range of frame choices for your Vision For Fishing eyeglasses.

360 Degree UV Protection Coating *NEW*

This new lens coating is truly a breakthrough technology in the optical industry and is unique to Essilor Varilux, which is only available to trusted optical professionals.

Standard sunglasses protect your eyes from UV rays that come at you from the front, which is fine while you’re driving because you are protected by the car, the UV protected windshield, visors, etc.

When you’re out on the open water, you are vulnerable to UV rays coming at you from all directions. This is why we use the Essilor Crizal back side UV absorbing anti-reflection coating on our Vision For Fishing sunglasses. It is the only coating that absorbs the UV rays that hit the back of your lenses, preventing them from reflecting back into your eyes. This greatly reduces eye strain and is essential for enjoyment while fishing. More importantly, it blocks harmful UV rays from entering your eyes. Exposure of the eyes to UV rays has been linked to cataracts and macular degeneration.

See how it works here:

Water Repellant Crizal Coating *NEW*

The new superior Crizal Forte coating that we use on our Vision for Fishing sunglasses causes the water to roll right off of them! Few other coatings in the industry even come close to this. This is essential considering all the splashing and weather that occurs while fishing!


Crizal coatings are so water repellant that the water slides right off!

BONUS: Control visual “floaters” with polarized lenses:
“I experience floaters more intensely in bright sunlight and on the water. Wearing my Vision For Fishing sunglasses greatly reduces this phenomenon.”
–Paul Boyko Jr.

How many times have you been out on the water and hit a log because you didn’t see it due to low quality and/or non polarized prescription sunglasses? Do you want to trust your life and the enjoyment of your fishing trip to inferior quality lenses? If you want the best in eyeglass lenses for fishing, we can get them for you directly from Essilor.

Our Vision For Fishing eyeglasses come standard with everything you need for a great fishing experience: polarization, sunglass tint, digital grinding, high definition vision, front side Crizal coating, back side UV absorbing Crizal coating, and the water rolls right off the lenses. Just add water!

For a special demonstration on how you can better enjoy fishing and boating with Vision For Fishing eyeglasses, please call or visit us. 

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