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“My Vision Fore Golfing glasses are extremely clear. This allows me to focus on my target, which is my main goal” –Bob Panasik


Canadian & Ontario Golf Hall of Fame Inductee: Bob Panasik wears
Vision Fore Golfing eyeglasses

Vision Fore Golfing® eyeglasses for golfing are specially designed to help you see better when you golf. Produced through a revolutionary process, Vision Fore Golfing eyeglasses and sunglasses can be tailored to suit the needs of any level of golfer from beginner to professional. In fact, several professional golfers are wearing Vision Fore Golfing with great success, including Canadian and Ontario Golf Hall of Fame inductee Bob Panasik, and 2011 PGA Super Senior Champion Dave Bell!

Your eyeglasses for golfing can be made clear with Transitions technology, or as prescription golfing sunglasses.

Vision Fore Golfing was created by Paul Boyko Jr., Licensed Optician & owner of Visions of Canada. He combines golf specific focal lengths with the correct frames and lens design to meet your most important vision requirements on the course:

  1. Seeing the ball on the ground
    The correct, golf-specific focal length allows you to see the ball on the ground through the bottom half of your lens.
  2. Freedom from distortions & clear peripheral vision
    Designed to pull out distortions so that you can see clearly through the entire lens. Imperative for lining up wide shots without breaking your stance.
  3. Accurately reading the green
    Distortion free viewing allows you to clearly see divits and debris.
  4. Lining up shots on the green
    See clearly from the ball to the hole without the “waves” in the green
  5. Improved distance vision
    See the ball in land in the fairway even better than with your everyday
    progressives with the same prescription!

Read more about why our eyeglasses for golfing work better than everyday office eyeglasses on the course.

Bonus Features:

Side effects of our eyeglasses for golfing include: improved night driving vision, and application to other activities where ground and peripheral vision are important to your performance and safety.

We are the “go-to” people if you want great eyeglasses for golfing! See better so you can enjoy the game!P

We invited you to visit us for a special demonstration on how you can focus on your game with Vision Fore Golfing.