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Get prescription sport lenses to match the wrap of your frame!

shamir wrapped prescription sport lenses

 At Visions of Canada, we have the knowledge, expertise, and finally the advanced lens technology to fit your wrapped sport frames with curved sport lenses to match, in a good range of prescriptions. Now you can wear your prescription sunglasses for sports!

The optical industry has been trying to fit highly curved sport frames with prescription sunglasses for a very long time with little success. Bending flat lens to fit a curved frame caused vision issues and manufacturing instability (the lenses popped out of the frames). This recently changed when our lens manufacturers honed the ability to digitally grind lenses from the front and the back.

Curved sport lenses that can achieve clear vision and stability in single vision and progressive designs are now available. You may choose to get them with sunglass tint or clear with Transitions colour changing technology. We trust most of our sport lenses to Shamir. They are the manufacturer that creates the most advanced technology in this area and more. Our clients are experiencing better results than ever when we fit them with these advanced lenses.



Our clients like to use their prescription sport sunglasses for golfing, hiking, fishingdriving, biking, running, skiing and more!

Would you like to learn more about getting wrap frames fit with your prescription? Please call or visit us.