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In addition to providing advanced lens technology, our lens manufacturers offer many additional lens features for their  prescription sunglasses and clear lenses. We work closely with you to determine the best option for your prescription and lifestyle needs.

Specialized Anti-Glare Coatings:

All of our clear lenses come with scratch resistant anti-glare coatings. Optional upgrades include water resistant anti glare coating, blue light filter, night driving anti glare, UV absorbing backside anti-glare coating.

Transitions Lenses:

Many lenses are available with Transitions technology. Transitions lenses are clear inside, and become tinted outside in the sunlight. They are available in grey, brown and now Iconic Green!

New Transitions Vantage technology combines Transitions with Polarization. Transitions Vantage gets even darker than regular Transitions!

Transitions technology is now available in 1.74 index lens material — this means that they can be made even thinner than before!

Check out this video on the various kinds of Transitions lenses available:

Learn more about our lenses here.

Tinted Sunglass Lenses:

alexander mcqueen sunglassesOptions for sunglasses include mirrored coatings, backside UV absorption coating, polarization, special tints & more. Learn more about our sunglass lenses. 

Do you have a specific eyewear request? Chances are we can help you!  Please call or visit us to find out!