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Eye Exams at Visions of Canada

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Our clients tell us that they feel very comfortable having eye exams with the eye doctors at Visions of Canada. They value being able to get their exam and glasses done in one stop, and they know they will receive the personal attention and professional care that we are renowned for. The Optometrists at Visions of Canada understand our system and how our lenses are designed. They work closely with our Licensed Opticians to create a comprehensive plan for your visual needs.

In addition to calculating your eyewear prescription and visual acuity, the Optometrist will check the health of your eyes, including screening for glaucoma and detection of dry eye. If any eye related complications are uncovered, you will be referred to a trusted Ophthalmologist.

Retinal Imaging:

Retinal imaging is now available at Visions of Canadaand is covered by many vision care plans. Ask us to check if your vision plan cover a retinal image for you. If not, it is available for a small fee. Our Nidek Retinal Imaging equipment takes a high definition digital photo of your retina, the back of your eye. These photos are evaluated by your Optometrist for retinal health conditions. We keep these images as a part of your patient history file, so your Optometrist can refer back to them to track any changes in your retinal health.

Vision Care Insurance:

At Visions of Canada, we work with vision insurance providers to ensure good eye health and vision care for all of our patients. We are able to direct bill many vision care plans, which keeps your money in your pocket and saves you paperwork.

Do you prefer to see an Ophthalmologist for your eye exam? We would be happy to refer you to one. There are several clinics that we work directly with who understand our philosophy and would be happy to perform a thorough eye exam for you.

Prescriptions from other offices:

Do you have a recent prescription from your eye doctor? If you’ve had an eye exam recently and are comfortable using the prescription that your Optometrist gave you, we are more than happy to fill it for you.

Ready for your eye exam?

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