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Health Insurance Billing

Health Insurance Billing

The information below is a guideline to help you understand your coverage. For detailed information, please call your health insurance provider

Direct Billing: We are able to direct bill more insurance plans than ever before. The health insurance providers below provide a set dollar amount and usually allow us to direct bill for you with your consent. Many provide partial or full coverage for eye exams, eyeglasses, and prescription sunglasses.

*These providers allow direct billing only in some cases

Submitting for Reimbursement: Some vision care plans in Ontario require that the patient submit paperwork for reimbursement of eye care costs. In this case, we provide a detailed receipt that you may submit for reimbursement.

The Ontario Health Insurance Program (OHIP) covers one eye exam per year for Ontario residents who are aged 19 and under, 65 and over, as well as eye exams for individuals with medical conditions affecting the health of the eye, such as glaucoma and diabetes.