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Professional Frame Adjustment

When you purchase your eyeglasses from Visions of Canada, we adjust them for the perfect fit upon pick-up. You may find that the fit sometimes requires a tune-up, and we invite you–actually we insist that you come see us when this happens. It is very important when you buy specialty eyewear that you go back to the people who sold them to you for adjustments, because we know the design and materials, so we know what special care to take.

It is not uncommon for our clients to travel long distances for a professional Visions of Canada frame adjustment. They understand the importance of proper adjustment from the experienced professionals who made their glasses and have them on file.

It is easier for us to adjust glasses that we made for you because we take extra steps in the manufacturing process to ensure easy and successful adjustments. We also purchase superior quality frames that we know can be adjusted properly.

frame adjustment

Taking care to properly adjust Silhouette rimless eyewear

Two main components of a proper frame adjustment:

  • Fit: The frame should stay in place, be comfortable, and not pinch or squeeze your head or nose.
  • Vision: Proper adjustment ensures proper vision. Conversely, improper adjustment can negatively affect your vision, and sometimes cause headaches.

Eyewear that requires special care during adjustment:

  • Frames made with Optyl (used in luxury frames such as Gucci and Dior)
  • Rimless frames
  • Semi-rimless frames
  • Eyeglasses with ultra-thin lenses

These can all be easily damaged if proper care is not taken to adjust them.

Prescriptions that require special care during adjustment:

  • High prescriptions
  • Progressive prescriptions
  • Prism prescriptions

Taking the time to properly adjust your eyeglasses is just one more aspect of customer service that separates Visions of Canada as the cream of the crop in our industry. If you enjoy being properly taken care of in a comfortable environment, please visit one of our stores for your very own WOW! Experience.