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Same Day Service Eyeglasses Windsor

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All Eyeglasses are carefully assembled in house.

Enjoy same day service on Single Vision lenses at Visions of Canada in Windsor!

We take pride in being able to offer the convenience of same day service on single vision lenses with the quality and expertise of our products and staff in our very own on site lab.

We carry a wide range of quality single vision stock lenses for lower minus (near sighted) prescriptions, low astigmatism, and reading prescriptions.

This prompt service is carried out by the same expert lab technicians and superior equipment used to create our specialty thin eyeglasses. Our equipment and experience is so great that we’re often able to produce these orders in about an hour, which is especially helpful during an eyewear emergency (whether your glasses have been lost or you must have new specs on your date tonight). This quick and convenient service by expert craftsmen comes to you at no extra charge and is yet another detail that sets Visions of Canada apart from the majority of the optical industry.

same day service glasses windsor

Each of our lenses starts as a solid block in your prescription.

same day service eyeglasses

From there the block is cut down to fit perfectly into the frames you have chosen.

BONUS #1: Single vision lenses start at just $99, which includes anti-glare and scratch resistant coatings!

BONUS #2: You’re bound to find the perfect pair (or pairs) in our fantastic frame selection, which we feel is one of the nicest and most diverse collections in Windsor!

Do you need an eye exam first? For your convenience, we do eye exams at Visions of Canada. Please call to schedule your eye exam with one of our in store Optometrists.