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Enjoy testimonials from our happy clients about their new glasses!

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Neurosurgeon, Dr. Terry Patterson


“Fabulous! … simply the BEST! … Got home yesterday & put them on immediately – better acuity, better contrast & just plain BETTER than anything I’ve had before …MANY THANKS!!”

Artist, Susan Duxter


“The ability to see is a precious gift, a blessing and an experience that cannot be compared to any other perception real or imagined. For fifteen years I have suffered headaches and an inability to see clearly with or without glasses. In the beginning, Dollar Store glasses assisted me by magnifying type so that I could still read the price tags while shopping.

Eventually my sight deteriorated to the point that I simply had to get custom made glasses; however, not all optical establishments are the same nor do they all provide the incredible service I received from Paul Boyko at Visions of Canada on Park and Pelissier in Windsor, Ontario. After numerous prescriptions and sets of glasses I began to despair of every really seeing clearly again and thought that age was the mitigating factor. I foolishly tried ordering glasses online using my prescription but without a proper fitting, the glasses did not do the job.

Art is my passion and my eyesight was hindering my ability to paint. Once I had my new glasses made at Visions, my life changed permanently. The first time I put them on; I experienced crystal clear vision from a distance and up close. The glasses fit my face and felt comfortable. They look amazing. I was astonished at the clarity and wondered how I had been driving and functioning during the past fifteen years without them.

I am not sure I ever realized the importance of having proper glasses but after getting my new prescription this week, I am committed to placing the care of my eyes and eyesight into the capable and professional hands of Paul Boyko at Visions. He is a committed and experienced artisan who is dedicated to providing excellent customer service, a high quality product and ongoing support”

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