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Custom Lens Shapes for Silhouette Eyewear

custom lens shapesSilhouette is recognized around the world as the leader in rimless eyewear. They are manufactured in Austria, which assures us of their quality and attention to detail.

Fortunately, Silhouette lens shapes are interchangeable in the Silhouette rimless collections.

We create custom lens shapes and sizes for your rimless eyewear:

  • We can make the lenses bigger or smaller, taller or wider to suit your face and your prescription.
  • We can customize the drill holes to raise or lower the bridge or temples for a custom fit. The advanced technology and expertise to drill high index plastic lenses for Silhouette rimless frames.
  • We have the unique ability to create custom lens shapes. This is especially useful when making rimless eyeglasses for individuals with stronger prescriptions up to -8.00 and +8.00.

Our ability to customize your Silhouette rimless eyewear is one of many ways that we stand apart from the majority of the optical industry. If you require a custom rimless fit, or if you have other unique eyewear needs, please call or visit us.