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Thin Lenses

thin lenses paul boyko

Paul Boyko Jr
Professional Licensed Optician
Owner of Visions of Canada

Who We Are
Visions of Canada is a world leader in creating the thinnest eyeglasses for a very wide range of prescriptions in many different lens materials and indexes. Our specialty is correcting complex, unique, and high prescriptions. People with high myopia or high hyperopia, high astigmatism, prism and more seek us out every day for our expertise in creating ultra-thin eyeglasses that they can see out of!

Our thin lenses are available in single vision and progressive technology. This is where the experience and personal service of our staff comes in –we are expertly trained to help you make the correct decisions regarding your lenses through consultation.

Visions of Canada is a full service optical store with our own lab. We welcome you to visit us for a personal consultation.

zeiss thin lenses

Final product: Zeiss 1.9 ultra-thin glass lenses for -12.00 prescription

Many optical stores offer a few thin lens options for their clients. What they often lack is the experience and knowledge to follow the correct procedures for making proper thin eyeglasses with ultra-thin high index lenses. There is a lot more to making thin eyeglasses than choosing a thin lens. Visions of Canada has been perfecting our procedure for making eyeglasses with thin lenses since they were introduced in the 1980s.

We are the experts because we have the experience, and experience is everything. Through our many years of producing thin eyeglasses, we have perfected a process that few others follow. If your local optical store doesn’t take care of patients like you on a regular basis, are you really comfortable trusting them with your unique needs?

thin lens glass example

Zeiss 1.9 ultra-thin glass lenses for high myopic prescription

The majority of the spectacle wearing population have “easy” prescriptions that can be filled just about anywhere. If they come to us, however, we’ll make their glasses better. Then there are individuals (and if you’re reading this page, you’re likely one of them) with unique prescriptions and needs, whose expectations cannot be met by the chain store’s capabilities.

It is in these unique situations that Visions of Canada really shines. This is what we do every day and we have perfected a process to ensure predictable results. Our system for making thin eyeglasses is based on planning, designing, and applying custom craftsmanship. Each pair is a work of art.

The process in the chain stores is more like a factory assembly line. Which way suits your needs the best?

The Process

How we make your thin lenses perfect


Correct lens design based on your prescription and needs, choosing from only the best lenses in the market.

How we guide you to your best lens choice.


  • frame shape
  • frame size
  • vertex distance (closeness to your eyes)
  • design of frame
  • high quality manufacturing & materials

How we help you choose your perfect frame.

We’ve dedicated an entire section of our store to displaying a selection of frames designed to produce the thinnest eyeglasses for clients with high prescriptions!


      • lens layup procedure
      • lens cutting procedure
      • lens hand-finishing procedure

View our high tech on-site lab.


      • final assessment of fit
      • performing necessary frame adjustments
      • checking visual acuity

Our approach to professional frame adjustment.


We only buy our ultra-thin glass lenses from the top two lens manufacturers in the world: Carl Zeiss and Rodenstock Germany.

Learn about ultra-thin Rodenstock 1.8 glass lenses Learn about ulta-thin Zeiss 1.9 glass lenses

Thin Lens Safety

Zeiss 1.9 Index Glass Lenses for -12.00 Prescription

Zeiss 1.9 Index Glass Lenses for -12.00 Prescription

Ultra-thin plastic and glass lenses are available in European countries, Canada, and many other countries around the world. Experience and knowledge of the products, proper manufacturing, fitting, and quality are very important to the safety of your glasses.

Our thin lenses generally do not experience breakage issues because our clients are very sensible in understanding the limitations of their glasses. Ultra thin eyeglasses are designed for “dress wear”, and not industrial use, hazardous work, or sports. We personally consult you about these lenses and their safety in relation to your lifestyle before you purchase them. The biggest problem that we experience with our thin lenses is not that they break, but that they last too long!

Thin Lens Warranties
Visions of Canada honours all manufacturer warranties that come with our thin lenses against manufacturer defects.

Visit our Warranties Page