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Carl Zeiss Thin Lenses

zeiss thin lenses 1.9

About Carl Zeiss
Carl Zeiss offers a range of advanced thin eyeglass lenses, which they have been making for many years. The Zeiss name is known for quality, craftsmanship and superior optics.

Carl Zeiss thin lenses are available for everyday prescriptions all the way up to very strong hyperopia and complex prescriptions, going as high as the -20’s. Zeiss thin lenses are available in single vision, progressive and bifocal designs. Many prescriptions qualify for photochromic technology or sunglass tint options.

We are the Glass Lens Experts
Visions of Canada has been a trusted direct account of Carl Zeiss Canada & Germany for over two decades. When you get your Carl Zeiss high index lenses from us your lenses are actually registered at Carl Zeiss in your name.

When Carl Zeiss ultra thin lenses are combined with our skill and craftsmanship, the result is the ultimate in eyeglasses or The Wow! Experience. We have our own lab with special machines for cutting high index glass lenses. All lenses are expertly hand finished and polished before the glasses are completed. We are so confident in our manufacturing
process with Carl Zeiss lenses that we carry a one year breakage warranty on the lenses.

zeiss thin lenses 1.9 glass

Zeiss 1.9 Index Glass Lenses for -12.00 Prescription

Zeiss 1.9 Index Glass Lenses
Clients with high prescriptions (high myopia and high hyperopia) come to us from all over North America and the world for our expertise in making thin eyeglasses with Carl Zeiss thin lenses. Many of these clients are seeking to have glasses made with Zeiss 1.9 index glass lenses, which we produce regularly. It is not uncommon for us to consult 5-6 clients per week for Zeiss 1.9 glass lens orders.

Guaranteed Authenticity
Our Zeiss Glass Lenses are guaranteed authentic and come with a Certificate of Authenticity because we buy them directly from Carl Zeiss Germany.

Want an idea of how thin your lenses could be? See our Zeiss 1.9 Glass lens examples here.