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Visions of Canada’s Eyewear Hall of Fame

At Visions of Canada, we help all kinds of people achieve great vision in many different seeing situations. Our Hall of Fame is made up of both local and national celebrities, including professional sportsmen and a rockstar! Becoming as successful as these celebrities takes a lot of hard work. We believe that the personal service and expertise that goes into making our famously thin eyeglasses plays a part in their continued success.

Check out our Hall of Fame inductees:

Brownsville Station Drummer, Henry Weck, wearing rockstar-worthy glasses

Professional Golfer Bob Panasik, wearing Vision Fore Golfing glasses

Golf Pro Dave Bell, wearing Vision Fore Golfing glasses

Professional Fisherman Bob “Jigger” Mann, wearing Vision For Fishing glasses

Radio Personality Mike Kakuk of AM800, wearing glasses from Visions of Canada

Brownsville Station Drummer: Henry Weck

Rockstar Henry Weck of Brownsville Station sought out Visions of Canada when the band was making plans for a reunion album & tour. Henry made the pilgrimage to Visions of Canada from Memphis in pursuit of rock star quality eyeglasses.

Essentially, Henry had to be able to see and look like a rockstar in his glasses, and we achieved both for him. He wears the best in lenses from Rodenstock, the best in frames from Oliver Peoples, and he’ll tell you himself that he got the best personal service and attention to detail from us here at Visions of Canada.

Henry keeps in touch with us, and he is still amazed by how great his vision is with his new glasses:

“Still marveling…at how much I love my new glasses y’all! While in Nashville recently, I attended a book signing out in Franklin…I realized I wasn’t taking my glasses off to read! Yeah, I know–that’s how it’s supposed to be—–but it hasn’t been for years.”

“I sure do miss the excitement & warmth of visiting your Windsor location! Please give my virtual hugs and smile to everyone there…”

Henry is in our Hall of Fame because he is a rockstar. However, you don’t have to be a rockstar to get the very same quality of products & services at Visions of Canada.

Canadian & Ontario Golf Hall of Fame Inductee: Bob Panasik

bob panasik golf hall of fame“My Vision Fore Golfing glasses are extremely clear. This allows me to focus on my target, which is my main goal.”

Bob Panasik is a true Professional Golfer. Hilights in his long record of success include being the youngest player ever to play all four rounds in a PGA tournament at age 15, winning two Canadian PGA Championships, playing in several U.S. Opens and represnting Canada in three world cups. Panasik enjoys continued success as a senior and he appreciates his Vision Fore Golfing glasses for allowing him to enjoy clear vision in this ‘bifocal stage’ of life.

See Bob Panasik’s video testimonial here:

Professional Golfer: Dave Bell

dave bell golf hall of fame

“I am playing the best golf of my life after 50 –that is extremely rare.”

Dave Bell golfs professionally in tournaments in addition to being a golf pro at the Tecumseh Gold Center. His most notable successes were achieved recently while wearing Vision Fore Golfing glasses. This includes qualifying for the 2010 U.S. Senior Open & taking the title of 2011 PGA of Canada Super Senior Champion.

In the summer of 2012, Dave was invited along with Bob Panasik to play in the Jamieson WFCU Charity Classic, part of the 2012 Canadian Tour. As the only two seniors in the tournament, they held their own against the young golfers. It’s nice to see that the only two senior golfers in our area who were invited to this prestigious tournament happen to wear Vision Fore Golfing eyeglasses.

Professional Fisherman: Bob “Jigger” Mann

bob jigger mann hall of fame

“This is what you can catch when your fishing glasses from Visions of Canada give you HD vision!”

“My professional fishing career has improved dramatically since I started wearing high quality prescription polarized sunglasses from Visions of Canada. I defininitely have an edge on my competitors because I’m free to focus on the task at hand — and it doesn’t hurt that I can see the fish right in the water!”




See Bob Mann’s video testimonial here:

Radio Personality Mike Kakuk of AM800

Yes, we are the experts that you hear Mike Kakuk bragging about on AM800’s The Morning Drive with Mike and Lisa. Visions of Canada provides Mike Kakuk’s glasses, contacts, and sunglasses. He’s even trusted us with his closest friends and family!

Ask Mike and he will tell you that we have one of the best selections in Windsor, and the expertise to help you find exactly what you’re looking for!